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How LawyerLinx Works

  • 1. Create a free account

    Sign up to get started. You will need to provide your contact information so your lawyer can contact you.

  • 2. Submit your legal job

    Select a legal service, tell us about your legal needs and answer a few questions about your job to help us connect you with suitable lawyers.

  • 3. Receive proposals from lawyers

    Trusted lawyers will send you proposals with information including their expertise, process and fees.

  • 4. Select a lawyer

    When you're ready, select the lawyer that fits your preferences. If things do not work out, you can always select another lawyer.

Common Questions

You can post any kind of legal job. LawyerLinx lists a number of types of legal jobs, but you can also create "Other Jobs" if your job is not listed.

Lawyers include fee estimates with their job proposals. However, Lawyerlinx does not process any payments from clients to lawyers. All payments from a client to a lawyer are to be agreed upon between you and a lawyer outside of the LawyerLinx platform.

When the lawyer finishes the job, mark the job as complete and rate your lawyer. This will help other clients decide whether to select the lawyer.

We encrypt all transmitted data using SSL. LawyerLinx requires that clients provide their names and contact information so that the lawyer will know how to contact them. Your contact information is only provided to a lawyer if you select their proposal. You can also protect additional personal or confidential information related to your legal job, by simply not including it in your job description. This type of information is generally not necessary for a lawyer to submit a proposal.

Just select another one! Your relationship with your lawyer is an important one and it is important that you feel comfortable with your lawyer. When you select a proposal, you are not hiring the lawyer, you are just selecting a lawyer to discuss your matter further. You may go on to retain them or are free to select another lawyer's proposal.

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